Sigrid Pichler

"Yoga and Nature are a natural match, there is nothing more natural than yoga, nature is fluid and flowing, so is yoga"

Sigrid has been teaching yoga in New York City, Florida, Mexico, and Austria for 10 years and has helped many fledgling and advanced yogis to find their path and advance their practice. She believes in the complexity of yoga as a wonderful tool to improve body, mind, and soul; but as complex as yoga may be, her teaching comes from a place of understanding and compassion. Sigrid helps you to open up and be bold and embrace your journey on the mat with all its highs and lows, its successes and failures, its physical challenges and emotional rollercoasters. Yoga is movement, breath, and a whole lot of fun!! She invites you to explore yourself and play together!

She has lived in urban jungle of New York City since 1998 and hence nature plays an important role for her personally to decompress and reconnect: “New York City gives you a lot of energy, but it also takes a lot. If all else fails, I look for peace and serenity in nature. Luckily the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic and the rolling green hills of the Hudson River Valley are not that far away, but honestly nothing compares to breathtaking Alps in Austria. It was a great honor to be invited to teach at the very first Mountain Yoga Festival in St. Anton in 2016 and super excited to come back in 2022. It is the perfect combination of nature, yoga, wellness, friends, and fun. A truly rejuvenating and deeply emotional experience! I teach many classes in a studio environment in the city, and I have done several retreats in beautiful places from the Hudson Valley to Mexican beaches. Whenever we take the yoga practice out of the studio and the strict schedule of the daily life, and connect our practice with nature, with the rhythm of the waves, the winds in the mountains, the rising sun, the setting sun, the power of the moon, or the fragrance of flowers and grass, .. then we begin to truly experience a sense of unity, a sense of belonging in this beautiful world”.