Johanna Tschol

“Practicing yoga in and with nature, is, to me, the most honest and organic way to connect to our true selves.”

Yoga means a lot to me. It fascinates me and the more I learn about its background and history and the more I experience its healing powers myself, the more yoga casts a spell over me. Yoga is my escape from everyday life. When I am on the mat, I really am with myself, I feel myself. In our daily lives, we rush from one meeting to the other, create everlasting to-do lists and our thoughts are rather in the past or future than in the present moment. As I focus on my breath, I am automatically in the moment and am relaxed. Give it a try: Sit down for 2 minutes and feel your breath. 

So, Yoga does not only get me out of my stressful day-to-day life but also strengthens and tunes my body. I’m becoming smoother, calmer and happier. Yoga lifts me up. Yoga has changed my life to the good. Bad days don’t drag me down like they used to. I look at situations in a different, more positive way, I’ve become stronger (not just physically) and more confident. As a yoga teacher, I want to give my students a space where they can experience those positive effects in a safe and respectful environment themselves and where everyone can be who they want to be.