Marcus Felsner

"get together in the rainbow spirit....celebrate life and love..."

Marcus Felsner was born in Tirol.  At the age of twelve, he began playing the guitar and eventually roamed the Himalayas, lived on the beaches of Goa and hitchhiked through South India.  There he spent much time learning from the Sadhus while soaking up Indian culture, exploring yoga and discovering the joy of singing Bhajans. He went on to complete his yoga teacher training at Sivananda Center in Neyyar Dam, India and has spent time traveling, teaching and leading Bhajan circles in the US, Greece, Australia and Europe, Thailand and Bali.  During this journey he has collaborated with world renowned musicians and yogi’s such as Kevin James and Danny Paradise. He also got into Ashtanga yoga as taught by Patabi Joise in Mysore.

Marcus connects yoga, music and breath through his belief that “Singing Bhajans or Kirtan is a great way to connect with the divine – it is a bit like Pranayama it makes you breathe deeply and takes you to the here and now!“